I’m a real success story.


An ex-con reunites with his estranged wayward 16-year old daughter to protect her from drug dealers who are trying to kill her.

How far the mighty have fallen. Mel Gibson, once one of the biggest names in Hollywood, never really recovered from his drunken anti-Semitic rant scandal. Now he’s starring in small movies like Blood Father, which is barely getting any attention as it leads up to its release this August and appears to have the marketing budget of something straight-to-video. But you know, I see quite a bit of potential in this story of a grizzled tattoo artist who reunites with his missing daughter and causes all manner of chaos. Plus, Mel actually looks pretty badass in that beard. I doubt this will be his big comeback, but for the first time in a very long time, I’m actually intrigued by a Mel Gibson movie.

Blood Father comes out August 26, 2016.

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