Before They Were Stars: Dean Ambrose Gets Sawed in the Forehead in CZW

Dean Ambrose is currently one of the top superstars in World Wrestling Entertainment and is no doubt grateful for the opportunity to make good money while not having to take a Sawzall to the forehead. While competing under the name “Jon Moxley”, Ambrose spent a good portion of his early career with Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), an independent promotion which is notorious for showcasing an ultra-violent hardcore style of wrestling where the performers mutilate each other. CZW achieved some mainstream notoriety when it was featured in The Wrestler for the gruesome match where Mickey Rourke and the Necro Butcher use florescent light tubes, barbed wire and a staple gun on each other. Anyway, in 2009, Ambrose/Moxley competed against another wrestler named Brain Damage in CZW’s Tournament of Death VIII and had his forehead sliced over with a Sawzall, one of the goriest scenesĀ I’ve ever seen in a wrestling match.

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