A nenior narty?

Yoga Hosers is bumming me out, man. The first 58 seconds of this trailer are genuinely funny, and come from a movie that I seriously want to see. The eye-rolling, jaded teens who lead the film are charming, and the gags made me laugh. But then this whole Nazi angle comes in and…well, all I can say is: WTF? Then Johnny Depp shows up in his dumb makeup with his godawaful Quebecois accent (it’s really not that hard to do one, Johnny), and there are sausage people, and it all looks like poop. This could have been a return to form for Kevin Smith after the mediocre Tusk, but nope. Clearly this man has just decided not to give a crap anymore. Or give too much literal crap. Sigh.

Yoga Hosers comes out July 29, 2016.

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