Celebrity Birthday of the Day – August 18

I have chosen Patrick Swayze today. Now, let me get the negative out of the way first. I think his acting is alright, I do not see why everyone thinks he is so sexy, and I think he comes across as a complete retard in live interviews. Now having said that, he has been in a number of truly memorable films. Ghost is considered by many to be the most romantic movie of all time, and Dirty Dancing is referenced in pop culture more times than anyone can count. Then there are guilty pleasure movies like Road House and Point Break. I think it is a true testament to his work ethic that he continued to film his series The Beast right up until his early demise. All in all, regardless of what I think of his acting, his looks, or his intelligence, his legacy is undeniable, and I respect the guy for it. It is a shame he is gone. Happy birthday, Patrick! Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

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