A Killer Santa Claus Movie And I’m Not Even Kidding

Rare Exports is a movie directed by Finnish filmmaker Jalmari Helander that is set to premiere at TIFF and Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas this year. The film follows a group of…miners? Archaeologists? Excavators of some kind, as they unearth one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world: a frozen, yet very much alive Santa Claus. Or is it SATAN CLAUS?!! So yeah, this really is a killer Santa movie, which boggles my mind since only a few days ago I reported that there’s a killer Paul Bunyan movie in the works!

Wait, this just in! TK has informed me that Rare Exports has been around for a few years now in the form of some short films by the same director! Hit the jump to see them!

I’m guessing that these shorts were created as promotional materials to try and hook some investors for a full-length Rare Exports feature. Looks like it worked, too, since Rare Exports is due to be released this Christmas season!

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