Vince Nitro’s Private Reserve – 43 Shaye Saint John Does the Hand Thing (Rated…uhhh….)

Shaye Saint John was a character played by a guy by the name of Eric Fournier, who was a member of the 80s punk band the Blood Farmers. He passed away in February of this year. As for the character, the website had this to say:

The idea/story/mythos behind Shaye Saint John is that she was a hot woman who was horribly disfigured in a car accident. As a result, she appears in public wearing this weird-ass, creepy as fuck mask, and hobbles along with clunky prosthetic legs and hands. Her mind appears to have sustained a bit of damage as well, as the numerous short films, bits of wisdom, and assorted clickables on her website can attest.

In this video, she seems to be compulsively doing the ‘hand thing’ (ostensibly claping her hands together back and forth while saying something that sounds like “Ah hood” over and over) and driving her cousin’s neighbor to do the same.

I dunno guys. It makes no sense, it’s vaguely unsettling, information available is sketchy at best…it’s everything I love on VNPR.

Edit: Rated…ummm…. – Gill

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