The Green Lantern Marketing Machine Is Overdoing It

I’m of the opinion that movies should only be allowed two trailers and one TV commercial in which to show new footage. 5-6 minutes of footage from a movie is plenty of time to hook someone without giving away too much. Sadly, the marketing folks behind the Green Lantern promotional campaign seem intent on bombarding us with way too many trailers, and I’m starting to get the feeling that we’ve already seen the best parts of the film. Here we have an extended TV spot, which is basically just another trailer, and it contains loads of new footage, which is fine and all, especially when it comes to getting fans excited. But the less they keep mysterious about this movie, the less interested I become. There is one thing about this trailer that managed to pique my interest, though, and that’s Geoffrey Rush voicing the bird-like alien Tomar-Re. Rush can bring an air of gravitas to anything he does, and hopefully Green Lantern features loads of Tomar-Re, because that could make this overdose of promotional materials worthwhile.

What do you guys think? I’m still going to see Green Lantern, but if they release any more trailers, I’m going to be bored with the film before I even walk into the theatre.

Green Lantern is being released on June 17, 2011.

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