Celebrity Birthday of the Day – December 21

Jack Noseworthy is an actor who I feel deserves more recognition than he’s gotten to date. He began his career on the Massuchusetts stage and joined the national tour of the musical Cats in his late teens, moving to New York shortly thereafter and continuing his work in theatre. He transitioned into film and television with a part in the Bon Jovi music video for Always, as well as a role in the Pauly Shore movie Encino Man. Since then, Noseworthy has been acting almost exclusively in films, including roles in films such as The Brady Bunch movie, Barb Wire, Event Horizon, Breakdown, Idle Hands, Cecil B. Demented, U-571, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (in a deleted scene where it’s revealed that he was the voice of the Terminator!), and, more recently, Surrogates. Noseworthy continues to work in films and on the stage, with a more recent stage role being the vampire Armand in the stage musical adaptation of Lestat, based on the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. Fun fact: to date, Noseworthy is the only male to play the role of Peter Pan on Broadway! He turns 42 today.

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