Piranha 3DD Is So Trashy It’s Glorious

As dumb as it was, Alexandre Aja’s remake of the Joe Dante b-movie classic Piranha was mindless fun that perfectly catered to the tastes of cheesy horror nerds like myself, so when I heard that Aja would not be returning to the franchise for the sequel – titled Piranha 3DD – I wondered if the movie would still be able to deliver the same awesome, self-aware gore spectacle that the first film had done. Well, after seeing this trailer, I feel completely reassured that Piranha 3DD is going to be a ridiculous, bloody movie. First, the premise of piranha taking over a waterpark is amazing. Second, it has David Hasselhoff in it (basically playing himself). And third, Ving Rhames has shotgun-crutch legs. That right there should be the primary selling point of the movie’s marketing campaign. Seriously, put Ving Rhames and his shotgun-crutch legs on every poster, and I guarantee you’ll pull a big crowd to the theatre to see this movie. But watch out if you happen to own a vagina, because according to this trailer, piranhas love to swim up there. Ugh.

Piranha 3DD comes out sometime in 2012.

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