Before They Were Stars: John Hawkes in “Future-Kill”

One godawful film that I had almost successfully repressed from my memory was a 1985 low-budget sci-fi/horror flick called Future-Kill, which is best known for reuniting Marilyn Burns and Edwin Neal, stars of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. However, I just found out that this film happens to feature the screen debut of future Academy Award nominee John Hawkes, who was credited under his real name, John Perkins. Hawkes plays a frat boy during a party sequence, but the funny thing is that there are two different guys in this scene who look a lot like him and I’m not entirely sure which one is him. He’s the either the guy in the blue robe doing a goofy double take at the 6:00 mark when a woman sucks on a hot dog, or he’s the guy in the brown robe at the 7:15 mark. Judge for yourself.

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