Celebrity Birthday of the Day – January 5

Robert “Jeep” Swenson was an American pro wrestler who began his career in 1987 with World Class Championship Wrestling. He had a prominent feud with Bruiser Brody, and had a pretty famous match for WCW’s Uncensored pay-per-view in 1996 as a member as the Alliance to End Hulkamania alongside the Dungeon of Doom and the Four Horseman. He had a brief career as a professional boxer, and a similarly brief acting career in movies such as Bulletproof, No Holds Barred, and Batman and Robin. It’s his role in Batman and Robin that inspired me to choose Jeep as today’s celebrity birthday, because after Batman and Robin proved to be an utter disaster, I honestly thought that we would never see Bane again in a Batman movie. Thankfully, Christopher Nolan has proven us wrong on that front. Jeep Swenson died of heart failure on August 18, 1997, at the age of 40.

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