Before They Were Stars: John Mahoney Shills Prowler the Robot in “Code of Silence”

Yesterday, I did a “Before They Were Stars” feature on the late Dennis Farina, who had an early role in the Chuck Norris action film, Code of Silence. Well, it turns out that John Mahoney also had an early role in that film. Remember the “80s Robot” from the last Muppets movie? Well, that gag was inspired by the fact that seemingly every other film made during the 1980s had to have a robot in it, no matter how out-of-place it may have been. Case in point: this scene in Code of Silence, where John Mahoney shills a gigantic police robot named Prowler, which, of course, teams up with Chuck Norris during the film’s climax. This scene is quite hilarious as the characters keep referring to Prowler as the “future in law enforcement”, a statement which hasn’t quite panned out yet.

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