Before They Were Stars: Jon Hamm as an Extra on “Ally McBeal”

As the last few episodes of Mad Men air over the next few weeks, we can remember that Jon Hamm is a prime example of a famous actor who struggled for years and was on the verge of quitting the business before finding his big break. In the late nineties, the best work Hamm could find in Hollywood was appearing as a contestant on a cheesy dating game show and doing set decoration on softcore porn films. The first real Hollywood production Hamm got a job on was the second-ever episode of Ally McBeal. He first pops up at the 27:57 mark of the episode when Ally’s points out a hot guy standing by the bar. Unfortunately, even though Hamm is acknowledged onscreen by the other characters, he had no lines of dialogue, which prevented him from earning a credit for this role. The first official credited role on his filmography was still three years away.

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